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Is Functional Health Coaching Right for You? 

Come Explore Your Options in a Private Session with our Lead Coach, Ann Melin.

Conditions We Support

  • Weight gain 
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Difficult periods or menopause
  • Infertility
  • Acne

  • Indigestion
  • Food intolerances
  • IBS
  • Symptoms of thyroid disorder
  • Symptoms of chronic infection (ie Epstein Barr, parasites, etc.)
  • Frequent colds and flus
  • Headaches



  • Mold Exposure
  • Poor memory / recall
  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Allergies

How We're Different

I would define our approach as 'feminine functional medicine.'  

We provide you with access to cutting-edge labs and follow the latest research, but we don't forget to really listen to you, and coach you through how to make changes in your habits that get you to good health.  

Seeing exactly which toxins are in your body or exactly how low your hormones level are is very empowering! It makes our recovery protocols very focused and effective, and we coach you through bumps in the road so we get to the results.

About Our Staff

Bridgit Danner
Ann Melin photo

Bridgit Danner

Bridgit practiced acupuncture from 2004-2017 and has practiced functional health coaching since 2012. She has performed over 12,000 treatments and managed a staff of ten at her integrative health clinic.

Bridgit's role in the program is 'detox coach,' where she will be testing and developing protocols for heavy metals, chronic viruses, chemical and mold exposures.  

Bridgit has extensive experience working with hormones, infertility, perimenopause and nutritional therapy. Her experience as an acupuncturist keeps her approach very holisitic. She loves to help clients find work/life balance and stay connected to their goals and natural rhythms.

She is the founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative and a graduate of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Program, where she met Ann Melin. 

Ann Melin

Ann Melin is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a Clinical Nutritionist, a Clinical Master Herbalist, and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, and has been in the field of health since 2001. We are extremely blessed to have her as the first health consultant for Women’s Wellness Collaborative as she has extensive experience in running labs and creating holistic protocols based on the principles of functional nutrition.  

 Ann excels at addressing hormone imbalances from puberty to post-menopause. She is also skilled at correcting digestive complaints and working with thyroid imbalance. Ann has worked with clients all over the world, and mentored many functional nutrition students.  

She is currently a Master of Science candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Trauma and Crisis Counseling.



Before doing this program, I had gone through 12 years of seeing different holistic & integrative practitioners (as well as getting a Master's degree at an integrative health school) and had reached a dead end on my health journey. I was still not feeling as energetic and vital as I knew was possible in my mid-40's. 

I had been listening to the Women's Wellness Radio podcast and really liked what Bridgit and Ann had to say and had a feeling they were offering some cutting edge lab tests that my other functional medicine doctor didn't use.

The gut test found several things other tests hadn't and the hormone test gave so much more information than the previous hormone tests I had done. Ann's functional diagnostic nutrition coaching has been brilliant and even though I am still on the journey, every month I am feeling more and more vibrant! 


I've had a long lifetime of being sick and "figuring out" what is wrong with me. Being a Holisitic Health Coach myself, and looking up to both practitioners, I jumped at the chance to work with them. I was happy to go through the protocol to get to the root cause of my issue. I had ended up having SIBO which had never been a diagnosis for me.  

Finding that out was so helpful for me to start truly healing my body. It also gave me a very eye-opening insight to why I haven't gotten pregnant. I feel happy knowing where I'm going with my health and confident moving forward. I would actually do another program right away to keep the momentum going. Thanks, Ann and Bridgit.



Working with Bridgit and Ann has been a great experience. I've spent countless frustrating months trying to fix myself through various diets, supplements and appointments with my doctor.  

Putting my health concerns in their hands and having them guide me through appropriate labs, targeted supplementation and lifestyle modifications has been such a relief. I now feel like I am on a clear path to being back to myself again instead of throwing darts at a moving target.  


I love the insight and knowledge I am gaining from the program! It has been wonderful to have the one-on-one coaching and encouragement as I work to heal my gut issues and manage my PCOS symptoms.  

I love how both Ann and Bridgit took the time to listen and figure out what my goals were. The approach they take with running lab work first and then designing a protocol based on my specific needs is beneficial. Part of my protocol has involved cutting out dairy, gluten, and other foods I react to.  

I love how both Ann and Bridgit are available through the Charm portal to answer any questions that arise between visits and to provide encouragement when things seem overwhelming. If you are concerned about the price tag, don't be. They are wonderful at working with you to find supplements and tests that fit within your budget as well as determining which supplements will be most beneficial.


I love the way that both Ann and Bridgit listen to my feelings and concerns. I've seen too many practitioners who brushed off my thoughts, didn't take me seriously, and didn't help me overcome any of the health problems I was facing. 

Being part of this program has been refreshing because not only do I feel listened to (so I can stop blaming myself for it being "all in my head"), but I've actually seen more progress with my health than all my other efforts combined. 

Before I started I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and a lot of hormonal imbalances. Gradually, as I've been working with Ann and Bridgit, I've started having more energy. Of course I still have angles to work on, but these past few months have been SO exciting because I feel like doing things again!  


Purchase and Schedule

Your initial Spark Case Review is a very special session. It puts your mind at ease to have an expert review your case. 

You likely feel 'stuck' and that you've 'tried everything.' You also feel discouraged if you have already invested in a lot of time or money without results. 

In your Spark session, lightbulbs will go off, revealing why you are feeling the way you do.  

Most cases just have not had their source discovered yet. This is where our advanced lab testing and clinical experience make the difference.

We are so excited to meet you!  

XO, Bridgit

Schedule you Spark Case Review here

About the Full Program

I do encourage you to review all the emails we send in our training series before scheduling your Spark. Then you can have a good sense of the program and what it entails. 

During your Spark session, your coach will advise you on doing 1-3 'tracks': hormone balance, detoxification and digestive repair. Often these systems are affecting each other!

You'll purchase a package that will last 6-9 months. Having a package creates an 'all-in' situation so we can both focus on the mission of getting you well.

I'd prefer you just do a Spark with an open mind, without knowing every detail! The Spark provides a ton of value, even if you don't move on with us. But I also want to be transparent, so you can read more details here.

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