Want to get rid of the everyday toxins that are wreaking havoc with your hormones – creating bloating, fatigue, and weight gain?

Give your body a win and learn how to detox for good in this 5-week, step-by-step program

This is not just another juice cleanse. It's a live and guided program to identify and clear toxins from your life, so you can start feeling ALIVE again.

And, it’s led by someone who’s seen the effects of everyday toxins firsthand...

Bridgit Danner Detox Program

“I wish I could lose that bloated feeling and be calmer, stronger, healthier and in control.” 

As a woman focused on natural health and ways to live your best life without pumping pharmaceuticals into your body, you know this feeling.  

You’ve tried it all.  

You’ve seen more health practitioners than you can count. You’ve taken herbs and supplements. You may have even tried using energy healing, special diets, or any and all therapies that could help you feel better.  

If only you could understand why:  

  • you still feel exhausted, often (even after eight hours of sleep)
  • you have constant digestive problems (constipation, SIBO, IBS, leaky gut – you name it!) 
  • you keep putting on weight for no clear reason (you’re exercising and eating well, but it just keeps piling on…)
  • you get joint pain and inflammation when you least expect it (which makes even small tasks much more challenging)
  • your sex drive is non-existent and you feel like you’re letting your partner down…

It feels so UNFAIR.  

You’re sick of dragging yourself through the day, to the doctor and back again – only to have another person tell you there’s nothing they can do.  

When you think about what’s going on for you health-wise, you know you’re missing a piece of the puzzle.

What if things in your everyday life are stopping you from getting better, without you even realizing? 

Let’s get real for a moment.  

In 2016, I had a bad year.  

It was the year we discovered toxic mold was taking over our home. 

The mold created all kinds of health problems for me, including persistent viruses and infections, brain fog, depression, and unbelievable fatigue.  

Fortunately, after a lot of personal changes (including moving my family to the desert!), I was able to identify and remove toxic mold from my life.  

But mold is just one example. There are many other invisible toxins that we’re ingesting, inhaling, and applying on our skin every day.  

And I don’t want it to be as hard for you to uncover (and remove) the effects of these everyday toxins as it was for me.

(My husband rocking the hazmat suit.) 

how to detox mold toxins

If your body needs a win right now, this program may be your answer


A 5-week, step-by-step guide to removing everyday toxins from your life 

This program is designed to help you grow your awareness and support your body. You’ll be able to avoid and clear toxins and start feeling like YOU again. 

You may be doing everything you can to be healthy and feel well, but if you’re swimming in a soup of toxins, your hormones and body systems won’t be able to work correctly.  

Toxins (more accurately called toxicants) are man-made products that can cause systemic or organ-specific harm to humans.  

A range of these chemical compounds are used to soften plastic, make shampoo smell nice, make food last longer, ‘freshen’ the air, clean fabric, and more.  

This means you’re exposed to chemicals all day long.

They’re in your cup of coffee, your bath water, your indoor air, your outdoor air, your furniture, your dry cleaning, your food – and the list goes on.  

These chemicals can confuse your hormonal signaling, create inflammation, expand your fat cells, and block your body’s cellular energy production – leading to a whole host of problems.  

While none of us can reduce our exposure to these chemicals down to zero (because we have to live and breathe in this wonderful world), reducing your toxic load is the most important step you can take to detoxify your body and support your endocrine system to function at its best.  

This leads to:

  • increased energy  
  • better digestion and metabolism 
  • clearer skin  
  • sounder sleep
  • fewer hot flashes and/or PMS symptoms
  • increased sex drive
  • and more...  

You don’t need another juice cleanse. You need practical steps to reduce your toxic load. 

That’s right. Fancy juice cleanses are not as important as actually lowering the toxins you’re exposed to daily. Why? 

Because cleanses get toxins out of you, but if you replace them with more toxins, you’re just continuing the cycle.  

So, choose Detox Your Hormones if you want to understand:  

  • how to avoid chemicals that make you gain weight, so you can get more control over your waistline
  • how to avoid substances that confuse your hormones and lead to digestive issues, fatigue, and fungus  
  • how to recharge your energy at the cellular level so you wake up feeling refreshed instead of dragging yourself out of bed
  • how to nourish your detoxification organs (liver, kidneys, digestive tract) so your body can clear out toxins more efficiently
  • how to detox every room in your home so that your most important environment is not doing you harm
  • how to use essential oils so you can avoid toxins and balance your hormones at home and work 
  • how to use easy techniques like dry brushing and breathwork so it’s easy for toxins to move out of your body 
  • how to use supplements in a targeted way, so you can support your body’s detoxification process and feel better, faster.

You know that to feel more alive and accomplish more in your day, you need something to challenge you. Something to hold you accountable and inspire you to make the changes you know you need to make.

This 5-week live program run by me – Bridgit Danner – will do that for you.  

Bridgit Danner

Here's how I know detoxification is critical to your wellbeing

I’ve been practicing acupuncture since 2004 and providing functional health coaching since 2012. In that time, I’ve performed more than 12,000 treatments, helping women of all ages and stages get back to their best selves.  

As part of my clinical work, I love to look at the whole picture of a woman's life, and I’ve found addressing the stress of a dead-end job or an uncommunicated feeling is often as important as finding the right herb or supplement.  

But it wasn’t until I lived through the experience of toxic mold illness that I started to comprehend the HUGE effect toxins have on our hormones and our wider environment.  

It nearly broke me.  

I developed Epstein-Barr Virus, insomnia, and had severe mood swings. And, the overwhelming fatigue gave me the urge to go to sleep forever.  

The symptoms would ebb and flow, and I regret beating myself up for not being ‘healthy enough’ when I actually had an unknown or poorly understood source of illness.

The result of this experience led me to make a huge change in my life – moving my family from Portland, Oregon (the rainy North West of the U.S.) to Phoenix, Arizona (the desert).  

And, it’s now become my mission to help women like you uncover and understand the effect that toxins like mold and chemical compounds can have on your body, so no one has to continue to suffer these debilitating symptoms.  

Many of my clients choose me because they’ve attended one of my online health summits (we’ve hosted more than 60,000 women) or they listen to my award-winning podcast, Women’s Wellness Radio.  

If that’s why you’re here, then you already know that I’ve interviewed hundreds of experts about a whole range of women’s health issues, and that I have advanced training in functional medicine and toxins.  

My role in this program is to be your 'detox coach'.  

I’ll be giving you a step-by-step process (that I’ve tested with hundreds of my clients) to remove toxins like heavy metals, mold, and chemical compounds from your life.  

Then we’ll reboot your system with all the things that support your hormone health and have you feeling great again.

The truth is, you might be missing something that’s right in front of you...

Sometimes, we don’t see the answer to our health issues without a little bit of help.

For the past 10 years I’ve been searching for answers around my digestive and hormone health. I live an extremely clean lifestyle and have tried so many doctors and supplement protocols but I was still fatigued and plagued with digestive issues. 

A few months back, Bridgit suggested we do a heavy metals test and found out I have very high levels of mercury which is an underlying cause of what had been holding my health back for years. Thanks to Bridgit, I now have a clear path to detox the mercury and get back to feeling like myself again. - Jaclyn

Learn how to balance your hormones.

I've spent countless frustrating months trying to fix myself through various diets, supplements and appointments with my doctor.  

Putting my health concerns in Bridgit’s hands and having her guide me through appropriate labs, targeted supplementation and lifestyle modifications has been such a relief. I now feel like I am on a clear path to being back to myself again instead of throwing darts at a moving target. -Teresa 

Increase energy naturally

Bridgit taught me that toxic mold could be the cause of the crazy anxiety I was feeling. This sent me on a healing journey that included many detox strategies. 

I can slowly feel my energy improving, my brain working better and my mood stabilizing. I feel I can get back to my old self. - Micki  

Learn about mold toxicity

How this program works...

Learn how to detox your body.
create a non-toxic home

In this lesson, I’ll explain why your home is the number one place to clean – but not with harsh chemicals, because that will only make things worse!  

You’ll also get a simple, non-toxic home checklist to work through and track your progress.  

I’ll walk you though:  

  • The brands I choose and trust to avoid toxins
  • We’ll cover solutions for mold, water quality, and air quality 
  • We’ll clear out the toxins lurking in your kitchen pantry, medicine cupboard, and under the sink... 
  • I’ll answer your questions – live – about the issues you’re having with your home so you can start taking action straight away.  
What to eat to detox

Let’s get real about food and the ways you can use it to support your hormone production and detoxification pathways.  

I’ll give you some practical and detailed (but not overwhelming) tips in this lesson.  

We’ll talk:  

  • What diet fads are worth it - and which to skip - to support your hormones
  • The vitamins and minerals you need from your food that will support your body's detoxifcation pathways
  • Superfoods that make it easy to clear toxins and spent hormones so you can get your body back into balance more quickly.  
ways to detox

This is where detoxing gets fun. Yes, you read that right! Some detoxing activities will be the highlight of your day...  

In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to set-up daily detoxification activities as a part of your self-care routine.  

We’ll dive into:  

  • Easy ways to detox each day, without it feeling like a chore 
  • We’ll talk through techniques like dry brushing, saunas, ionic foot baths, exercise, journaling, meditation, getting into nature, socialising, and ways to create a healing environment
  • I'll advise you on products that are good investment vs. a waste of money for detox
best supplements for detox

Struggling to understand the benefits of all your supplements? This lesson will go into detail on how specific supplements support your liver, gut, brain, and endocrine system.  

We’ll get down to the nitty-gritty on:  

  • How simple things like B vitamins, fats, and magnesium make a big difference for detoxification and hormone balance
  • How two key detox supplements - glutathione and binders - can be the basis of a detox supplement regime
  • How clearing viruses and gut bugs is essential to your recovery, and how you can do it with herbal supplements instead of harsh antibiotics.
best essential oils for detox

Now that we’re really kicking the toxins out of your body, this lesson will explore how to use essential oils to support your hormones, especially during perimenopause and menopause.  

Best-selling author Dr. Mariza Snyder will join us for this lesson, to explain how essential oils could be a game changer for you in rebooting your hormone health and keeping those toxins away for good.  

We'll talk about:  

  • How to use essential oils to avoid toxic cleaning and beauty products that are messing with your hormones
  • How to use essential oils to balance your hormones at any age, to improve your mood and energy, while reducing hot flashes and/or PMS
  • How essential oils can curb cravings and help you lose weight  

You’ll also get Dr. Mariza’s Hormone Rescue Protocol (valued at $47) with a 7-day meal plan to support you to reset your hormones, nourish your cells, and help with energy and weight loss. Amazing value!

fasting for detox

Did you know that mitochondria make up 10% of your body weight and are the powerhouses behind every cell?  

Supporting them makes a BIG difference in your energy, clear thinking, and weight management.  

In this bonus lesson, you’ll learn how to support your mitochondria through:  

  • toxin elimination 
  • exercise
  • caloric management
  • supplementation
  • foods to eat and avoid
  • and more...


Come hang out with other amazing women who are detoxing their hormones in our private Facebook Group. This is a place where you can ask all your burning questions, seek feedback and ideas from the supportive women in the group, and celebrate your wins.


Once you’ve purchased the program, access to the site is UNLIMITED. Although the program is run over five weeks, you can revisit the lessons and worksheets whenever you need and move through them at your own pace.  

This is a big bonus as there are some things you may want to watch again when you need a refresher or as your circumstances change. 


Gift #1 – How Heavy Metals Interfere with Your Hormones – Video interview with toxins expert, Wendy Myers ($29 value)  

Heavy metals play a part in many women’s health disorders but they’re poorly understood. This exclusive video content from the Hormone Balance After 40 summit will help you uncover what you need to know to keep these toxins out of your body.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Gift #2 – Green Cleaning with Essential Oils by Dr Mariza Snyder ($25 value) 

Find out how to transform your household into a non-toxic environment using essential oils. This ebook by Dr Mariza Snyder’s includes six of her favorite Green Spring Cleaning recipes, including a Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner, Air Freshener and more. You’ll also get a a green cleaning supply checklist with the top 10 must-have items.  

green cleaning with essential oils

Gift #3 -- Hormone-Hacking Breakfast Menus by Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo ($27 value)  

Get some quick and easy wins with these simple hormone and blood-sugar-friendly breakfast ideas from Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo. Ritamarie is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in digestion, thyroid, adrenal, and insulin imbalances.  

vegan green smoothies

Gift #4 - Cleanse Yourself eBook by Nat Kringoudis ($19 value)

Cleanse Yourself by women’s health expert Nat Kringoudis provides a day-by-day guided program to get your gorgeous self shining from the inside-out. Best of all, every single meal, right down the the recipes is provided.  

Cleanse with whole foods

AND, as a Detox Your Hormones program member, you’ll be offered exclusive discounts on private coaching and lab testing! 

The Detox Your Hormones Guarantee

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say “yes” to this program and to detoxing your hormones to give your body a win!

But I know you’ve tried everything, so if you join this program and decide it’s not right for you, I won’t make you stick around.  

That’s why we’ve got a Detox Your Hormones 14-Day Guarantee.  

Join now, give the program a go, and if — by the end of the second lesson — you haven’t got that energising feeling of “this is all coming together for me now”… I’ll give you your money back.  

Simply send an email within the first 14 days of your purchase to with the email address you used to order the program, along with the reason you’re not happy, and we’ll process your refund. 

Questions women who’ve tried everything ask before saying yes to a program like this... 

“I want to do this, but I’m already so busy. How much time is this going take?”  

There are five core lessons of the program (with a bonus sixth lesson). Each lesson will take you about an hour to go through, then you can get on and implement the things you learn when you’re ready.  

You get instant access to the first lesson — which walks you through, step by step, simple ways to detox your home (the most important place to clean out).  

This means you could literally be reducing the toxic load on your hormones TODAY.  

“Isn’t my body supposed to detox itself naturally? Why do I need to do all these extra things?” 

Yes, it is! But your body isn’t designed to handle the onslaught of a daily cocktail of chemicals from morning ‘til night.  

Toxins are emitting from your paint, your shampoo, your dinner, your work cubicle, and more. This program will not only tell you where all these invisible toxins that interfere with your hormones may be coming from, but also what you can do to remove them or minimise their impact.  

You can support your hormones (and your whole body) by avoiding toxins as much as possible and by eating the foods and doing the things that help your detox organs – all of which you'll learn in this course!  

This could be the missing piece of the puzzle that puts a stop to the bloatedness, weight gain, and deep exhaustion you’re feeling right now. 

“How does the program actually work?”

It’s super simple. You get instant access to Lesson 1 – Detox Your Home, along with your bonus gifts as soon as you sign up.  

You’ll then receive an email invite to join the weekly live trainings, along with access to the replays and any other materials for that lesson.  

All the materials are stored in the membership portal, so you can access them with ease.  

You also get access to the private Detox Your Hormones Facebook Group, where you can ask all your burning questions and celebrate your detox wins! 

“What happens when I sign up?”

As soon as your payment has been processed, you’ll get a welcome email from me, which includes info about how to access the program materials and join the Facebook group.  

Then you can log in and the first lesson (Detox Your Home) and bonus gifts will be waiting for you. 

Is Detox Your Hormones for me? 

You’re ready to start detoxing your hormones if:  

  • you’re feeling bloated, gaining weight, and are generally exhausted for no clear reason and you want to find out if toxins may be at play
  • you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked to get you feeling like YOU yet
  • you understand that once you know this information about the toxins in our environment (and our role in putting them there), you’ll be compelled to make some changes in your life
  • truth be told, you already know that the choices you make every day are taking a toll on your endocrine system and you want to make different choices
  • you’re excited about the idea of giving your body a win and feeling alive again! 

“Bridgit Danner is one of the most experienced and trusted practitioners in women's health. Combining her wisdom of Chinese Medicine with her functional diagnostic skills, Bridgit brings unique perspective that encompasses the whole person in her treatment approach.”  

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Women’s Health Expert Author of upcoming book, Ditch the Pill

Dr. Jolene Brighten

“Bridgit Danner is an amazingly knowledgeable colleague who guides women on a host of different conditions and concerns they may be experiencing. Whether you are trying to deal with hormone imbalance, thyroid issues or adrenal fatigue, Bridgit can get your health back on track.”  

Melissa M.Turner, Founder,

Melissa Turner


Detox Functional Medicine
  • The FULL Detox Your Hormones program – five core lessons delivered over five weeks (each including video, Q&A time, and worksheet/s), with the first lesson ‘Detox Your Home’ available immediately. (Value: $282)

  • One bonus lesson on Optimizing Your Mitochondria because supporting them makes a BIG difference in your energy, clear thinking, and weight management. (Value: $47)  

  • Your very own ‘membership portal’ where all your materials (including recordings of the live calls) are stored, so you can access them at your own pace.  

  • A spot in our Private Facebook Group where you can interact with like-minded women, share your hormone issues, and celebrate your detox wins. (Value: $97)  

AND, when you join on or before Saturday, September 29 – you’ll also get these special gifts valued at $100:  

  • Gift #1 – How Heavy Metals interfere with Your Hormones – Video interview with toxins expert, Wendy Myers (Value: $29)  

  • Gift #2: Green Cleaning with Essential Oils ebook (Value: $25)  

  • Gift #3: Hormone Hacking Breakfast Menus with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo. (Value: $27)  

  • Gift #4: Cleanse Yourself eBook by Nat Kringoudis (Value: $19)  

That’s a total value of $526, all for just one payment of $97 USD.

Live course begins October 9th and happens each Tuesday!  

If you’re still reading, that’s awesome! One last thing…

I know you’ve already tried all the other ways to feel better, so you might be sceptical about why this would be different.  

I get it, I really do.  

I know what it feels like to lose faith. To feel like you’ve lost the power to get better.  

But I also know that you’re strong, well-informed, and capable of change.  

You know that a juice cleanse isn’t enough to get the results you want. And, you know your everyday choices are likely taking a toll on your endocrine system.  

So, if you’re ready to take the FIRST STEP in ditching the daily discomfort of…  

…. dragging yourself from practitioner to practitioner, ignoring the fact that you’re still not feeling any tangible change.  

… wishing there was an easy way to just lose that bloated feeling and get your mojo back.  

… and feeling generally rattled about the fact that some women your age seem to be GLOWING and really enjoying their lives, while you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning…  

Then I invite you to officially take control of your health by joining me on this special five-week journey.  

I’ll help you follow through on the promises you made to yourself.  

You’ll get step-by-step support to detox your hormones and give your body the win it deserves.

XO, Bridgit  

Copyright 2018. Bridgit Danner. All Rights Reserved.