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Get More Energy, Without the Toxins!

Do you wake up groggy and tired, turning to coffee or pastries to get you going?  

Add in a simple 5 minute routine to have more energy for the day!  

Grab our High Energy Morning Guide and get some spring back in your step, naturally.  

Your Guide Includes:

Sip Your Toxins Away

Learn my tasty drink recipe that has just 5 easy, affordable ingredients and alkalizes, hydrates and detoxifies you for a high-energy day!

Clear Fat, Cellulite and Puffiness

Did you know that just a 5 minute routine with minimal equipment can boost your metabolism, decrease cellulite & reduce puffiness to look great for the day ahead?

End Cravings

If you want to take it further, I'll talk about superfoods to detox without feeling like you're detoxing! Add some delicious, satisfying foods ends cravings and supports your detox organs!

Find Hidden Toxins in Your Home

Did you know that common chemicals, approved by the FDA, can be obesogens and xeno-estrogens? In plain English, these chemicals make your fat and throw off your hormones. I'll help you scan your cupboards and closets for toxic sources!

Swap Out Toxic Ingredients 

It's actually quite easy to clean your home, beauty your body and feed your family without toxic ingredients and additives. Learn my favorite products and DIY recipes!

Learn the Toxins You Produce!

Did you know that YOU make and host toxins?? Your body may be dealing with old injuries, chornic infections and mold or heavy metal exposures that create toxic by-products. These internal toxins can cause forgetfulness, imsomnia and chronic pain and more. Learn with us; it's better to know than not!

You Might Be Wondering...

Who is Bridgit and why should I listen to her??

Bridgit spent 13 years as an acupunturist and 10 years running a successful integrative wellness center in Portland, Oregon. She now lives in Arizona and practices functional health coaching online. Her own passion for environmental stewardship combines with advanced training in detox and a personal experience with toxic mold to bring you a wide toolbox of safe detoxification options.

Is this going to be time-consuming and will I be starving??

Making changes in your health is about layering in sustainable habits. We never starve you or rush you, and we provide materials to make it easy.

Do what you can, when you can. Fit in 5 minutes to clean out a drawer or 15 minutes to stop at the store for ingredients. Little by little, you'll be enjoying less toxins & better health!

Can I download this guide and read it later?

Yes, we know life is busy so save our emails in a folder in your inbox and start the detox plan when you're ready!

What if I have questions?

We offer both group and private coaching if you need more help!